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What in sam hell is transcendent immanence? Any half-way tutored Jungian will tell you that the religious experience draws on two, opposing, archetypes: the transcendent and the immanent. The first finds the divine outside of nature, the second finds the divine inside of nature.

A Trilogy Transcendent

Christianity and Islam are examples of the first. Shintoism, Witchcraft, neopagans, animism, even Hinduism draw on the second. Even in Shroedinger's universe the two cannot occupy the same room at the same time and going in the same direction. As they say, doesn't anybody screen these calls?

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High Noon? I would be laughed off the wild west of a poetry board, to trade in another cliche, in less time for such shorthand, signature and commercial language. Go ask Blind Willie Johnson. I like the idea of immanent transcendence. Any approximation of ultimate truth would have to involve a paradox, wouldn't it?

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I'll be looking for the book. Possibly you've read Dante. If not maybe you should. He got the categorical distinction. At this point there are so many flavors of Christianity that it could be said to encompass either view, or even both together. Right on.

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I think Waldrop is going for transcendence, not transubstantiation. But maybe somebody should eat his book and find out. Congratulations, Mr. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation.

Back to Previous. Poetry News. Nocturne at High Noon. And the National Book Award Goes to. By Travis Nichols. Originally Published: November 19th, Read Full Biography. Read More. Harriet Blog. Back to Harriet Home. Objections to this reinterpretation are considered. Possible reasons for the persistence of the conventional account are described. Humanity is on the threshold of recognizing the fundamental error in its view of life and death. Both death as well as active life is necessary to the vital formation of a larger, more essential whole. In this paper, I apply the sociology In this paper, I apply the sociology of knowledge and change as it pertains to death and focus on ways in which we can step outside its traditional frameworks and limitations.

I also discuss topics related to death such as birth, aging, sickness, and war, and examine cultural differences in attitudes toward death. I offer varying perspectives including the Buddhist view and from these draw implications and conclusions.

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To these I add other relevant passages from the writings and speeches of key thinkers on the topic of death, in particular, Buddhist philosopher, peacebuilder, and educator, Daisaku Ikeda. To construct a more humanistic and sustainable view of life, it is first of all crucial to establish a culture which perceives death in its larger living context as but one cycle in the expansive eternity of life. Self-development through selflessness: The paradoxical process of growing wiser.

If wisdom is defined as a combination of cognitive an understanding of life and the desire to know the truth , reflective the ability and willingness to look at phenomena and events from different perspectives , and affective If wisdom is defined as a combination of cognitive an understanding of life and the desire to know the truth , reflective the ability and willingness to look at phenomena and events from different perspectives , and affective sympathetic and compassionate love for others personality qualities, then truly wise people, such as Jesus Christ or the Buddha, can also be described as the most psychologically developed persons.

Wise individuals are also selfless; that is, they have transcended the egotistical self and feel more part of the ocean instead of an individual wave.


How can we explain the paradox that the highest level of self-development requires a quieting of the ego and the transcendence of the self? To illustrate the process of self-development through a quieting of the ego, semistructured interviews with three older adults who scored relatively high on the Cognitive Wisdom Dimension, the Reflective Wisdom Dimension, and especially the Affective Wisdom Dimension of the Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale 3D-WS were analyzed in depth.

Respondents were asked about their current religion and spirituality, how their religion and spirituality had changed over the years, and how they coped with crises and obstacles in life. Levenson et al. The three case studies in this chapter can be considered exemplars of those prescriptions. Earl, Fay, and James practiced generosity through their commitment to serve and to give, developed patience through the development of humility, learned self-discipline through spiritual growth and inner-centered guidance, engaged in sincere and personal prayer, and dedicated their lives to God, and in the process they transformed self-centered emotions and impulses into positive emotions, such as love and joy.

The analyses showed that through mindful reflection, self-examination, and a willingness to learn from experiences self-development ultimately leads to a quieting of the ego and to self-transcendence manifested in a concern for the well-being of all and an altruistic, all-encompassing love. Hence, the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of people who have quieted and transcended their egos are directed toward the benefit of all beings rather than only themselves and their loved ones. Related Topics. Worldview Theory. Follow Following. Self Transcendence. Abraham Maslow.

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When his surviving, estranged son is injured, Michael tries to reconnect with him-and to stave off a looming catastrophe. Vast reservoirs of toxic gases lie buried beneath the poles, trapped in crystals of ice. Now that ice is melting. Once it goes, the poisons released will threaten all life on Earth. A bold solution is within reach, if only Michael can convince a doubting world. Yet as Morag's ghostly visitations continue, Michael begins to doubt his own sanity. In the future, Alia is chosen to become a Transcendent, an undying member of the group mind that is shepherding humanity toward an evolutionary apotheosis.

The Witnessings are an integral part of their design, for only by redeeming the pain of every human who has lived and died can true Transcendence be achieved.