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After all, in times of the internet, he does not even have to leave the seat. Nothing new either about the fact that massively manipulated stones are declared untreated and natural. I found dozens of offers of "mystic topaz", red topaz and "aqua blue quartz" and not a single one said that these stones owe their colour to vapour deposition and that it can be removed by the scratch of a fingernail. London Blue topaz was declared "unheated" which actually is the truth because the colour is due to irradiation rather than heating….

Equally infuriating I found the way by which synthetic stones are being auctioned to innocent customers.

Caveat Emptor: A Novel of the Roman Empire (The Medicus Series) Ruth Downie: Bloomsbury USA

Yes, there is a well-stocked "Lab-Created" category but alarmingly often synthetic gems can be found amongst natural stones. To cut a long story short: in German right there is the principle of culpa in contrahendo fault in conclusion of a contract which regulates the sellers duty of disclosure and due diligence before a contract is signed. In the case of online auctions, however, it seems the old anglo-saxon principle of caveat emptor buyer beware is still valid…. Vienna Gem Center - buy gemstones online. Toggle navigation WEZ. Caveat emptor After a long time I recently leafed through the coloured gem auctions of our favourite online auction platform.

London Blue topaz was declared "unheated" which actually is the truth because the colour is due to irradiation rather than heating… Equally infuriating I found the way by which synthetic stones are being auctioned to innocent customers. Slowly, I walked towards the closet to change for work but was interrupted by a phone call from Dylan, my boyfriend. I have to go to work soon. See you later, Love you. The sound of sizzling bacon was taken over by the sound of erupting thunder.

Lighting seemed to flash from every direction, and soon the power went out. I grabbed a flashlight that was laying on the kitchen counter and started searching for candles.

Before I could even find one candle, the emergency sirens outside began to go off. I charged outside to see how bad it was and what I saw was terrifying; Trees looked as if they were about to be pulled out of the ground and leaves were being thrown everywhere. There was what looked to be an F-4 sized tornado headed right this way.

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I quickly glanced over at my neighbors house and noticed he was getting into his storm shelter. He looked quite normal, about six foot tall, had a shaved head, and wore flannel shirts and jeans all the time. It was a nice shelter, more like a bunker. There was food, water, a bed, movies, music, toilet, shower, anything that a normal home would.

He was very strange. He says only his friends call him Randy, but what friends? He doesn't even own a car.

Caveat Emptor/Caveat Venditor

My friends say I make killer pancakes. There he goes about his friends again. What friends? Randy seemed to change personalities every time he spoke, varying from very monotone to a sudden burst of excitement. He was weird, yes, but I only have to spend half an hour with him. Or so I thought. I shouldn't have invaded her privacy. I thought to myself. He turned back around and flashed a smile at me. Let me go check! He seemed awfully excited about all this, considering that his house could be demolished.

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  • The size of the room was about the size of a home kitchen. As you first walk in, towards the left is the oven and microwave with cabinets surrounding it.

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    Towards the right was the bathroom, and straight ahead, where I sat at the moment, looked to be a small living room. A nice flat screen television surrounded by shelves full of movies and game sat in the center, with a couch facing towards it. My eyes began to focus on it until the slam of the hatch door from above spooked me. Sorry to say it, but your house is gone.

    Guess I got lucky! I knew things like this has happened, where a tornado skips over a house and it goes untouched, but hearing this from Randy in this moment seemed odd. See what remains I can find, if any. Why not stay here! I really need to go check on my house. This is your home now. The spray made me collapse and I layed on the floor, slowly falling into a deep sleep.

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    The next thing I saw was a room full of beds. Horror horror scary the shelter the-shelter. Samantha is another addition to his "friends," very interesting. Sprays that induce sleep should be kept out of the reach of children, the elderly, and most importantly, men who want to make people "stay" for the night and beyond. Great short story.

    The characters really do give me the chills, I think the beginning happens a little too fast but other than that the flow and spacing is great. Really realistic characters. It was slow until the middle when the man got really weird. It made me uncomfortable. It reminds me of Split. I was intrigued by the story though once we got the story going.


    Caveat Emptor: 3 Keys to Credibility

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