Manual God Is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality

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A timely contribution to an ongoing dialogue so essential to a better quality of human life for the future. Here are ten thousand reasons and ways to step out of our little thought boxes, our self-absorbed fears, and enter the grandeur and grit of our true identity. In reading this book we are at once bound back and then propelled forward into true evolutionary integrity. He makes evolution and complex scientific concepts more understandable, while making the central tenets of Christianity a little more acceptable and a lot more hopeful. This book is a significant contribution to re-visioning Christian faith within the Universe Story.

Both sides will be suspicious of his efforts. His work is, however, a step toward that ultimate truth in which both religion and science will finally be reconciled.

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The author stands up to both Scientific and Biblical literalists and goes for the deeper truths of both schools. He shows the way to celebrate the great gift and goodness that creation and we are on the one hand, but also the dangers that our species exhibits to ourselves and others and how science can help us understand our dilemmas and not throw the religious baby out with the tired bath water.

He does this by marrying today's science with many ancient spiritual teachings. A great achievement!

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A great pointer to our way forward as a species! That this book does both hints at the breadth of audience it will intrigue. Thank God for Evolution has become my most quoted pastoral resource as a Christian minister.

I cannot recommend it too highly. It reveals that spirituality is not only compatible with a science-based worldview; it is integral to it. Instead of being defensive toward evolutionary thought, Christians can appropriate this vision and be guided by it in re-thinking their heritage. Michael Dowd writes clearly and forcibly to enlighten the intelligent reader, skeptical of both creationism and its alter ego, Intelligent Design and scientism. A timely, necessary book. Not only is his understanding of the science and of theology top rate, but his enthusiasm and charisma captured my imagination and gave me hope.

JOHN E. Michael Dowd offers the most remarkable, concise, profound, and easy to understand synthesis of these two backgrounds of understanding our universe and our existence that I have ever experienced. I cannot recommend his book and his public programs too highly. No longer does the Christian mind need to make a choice between Moses and Darwin.

The choice has always been for God, and Michael makes this clear using a thorough understanding of scripture and tradition, a depth of appreciation for modern science, and a gift for storytelling and preaching.

His work has the potential to re-invigorate the way the church talks about evolution, the way we talk about God, and the way we think about ourselves. What Michael Dowd helped me understand was the synergism science and religion could enjoy. I saw in a totally new way how the truths of our particular faith traditions and the truths of science could come together to engender a love and wonder for creation. Thank God for Evolution offers a refreshingly hopeful view of the direction of the world.

Thank God for Evolution invites us to explore new family traditions of knowledge informed by science and mystery inspired by God. As a pastor, I know the temptation may be to continue in a divided house-evolution versus religion. But Dowd skillfully redefines the terms of the relationship, creating hope and practical ways to awaken to the future of living as part of an integrated family that can tackle the challenges of today.

My thinking was stirred. My beliefs were challenged. My point of view was stretched. An inspiringly original vision of our origins! Michael Dowd shows how the love of Christ can be fully and vitally embraced while responding to 21st century understandings of our world and our universe. I watched an entire room become riveted with attention and expectation as he donned his Great Story beads and began to recount a mere handful of the 'grace moments' in the 14 billion year epic of evolution. I could not have imagined what a powerful tool the beads were. Michael's ability to engage a group's attention is so vital in an age of information fatigue and short attention spans.

And his fluency in the Christian tradition, his ability to place it in a cosmological context, is utterly enlivening and inspiring.

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This book is a timely and healing gift to the world and its author is a bridge builder who inspires us to greater compassion and understanding. Read this book and find a new faith in the human. Dowd affirms science, and shows how a spiritually alive consciousness must embrace evolution and understand it in the wider context of a world filled with the presence of God.

It will be faith renewing to many Christians and has much from which people of all faiths can learn. The progressive community is good at critique but exceedingly poor in articulating a postive and compelling vision. Michael Dowd's new book is a landmark contribution in this regard.

It charts a vision of the infinite calling each one of us to fulfill our desiny. Although this may be a fitting description of life on the Earth, it is such a narrow definition that it leaves little room for the possibility of alternative expressions. This is a very challenging list of criteria for our universe to meet if we are to regard it as a living system.

A living entity is not a random collection of disconnected parts but a unified whole. How could our universe, which appears to be mostly empty space with widely separated islands of matter, be unified? On the surface, our universe appears to be composed of separate components—from atoms to people to planets.

How, then, is it possible to regard these pieces as parts of a unified whole? Reflect for a moment on the scale of unity we are considering. Our home galaxy—the Milky Way—is a swirling, disk-shaped cloud containing a hundred billion or so stars.

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It is part of a local group of nineteen galaxies each with a hundred billion or so stars that form part of a larger , local, supercluster of thousands of galaxies. Beyond this, astronomers estimate that there are perhaps a hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe each with a hundred billion or so stars. How could this vastness be regarded as an undivided whole? For example, it takes light about eight minutes to travel from the sun to the Earth, which means that something could happen on the sun and it would take eight minutes before we would know about it on Earth.

Because other galaxies are millions of light-years away from us, they seem so remote as to be completely separate from our own existence.

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  5. Yet, scientific experiments show that, despite these vast distances that seem impossible to bridge, in reality, everything in the universe is deeply interconnected. The highly regarded physicist, David Bohm, explained this phenomenon by portraying the universe as a gigantic hologram that is regenerated at each moment. At every moment, every part of the universe contains information about the whole. Analogously, if you take a holographic picture of a person and then cut the plate in half, when each half is illuminated, it will contain the entire original image, although more faintly.

    If each of the halves is cut in half again, each of the pieces will contain a smaller but complete version of the original.

    See a Problem?

    The whole is in every part and every part is in the whole. Nonlocality exists, not because of some extremely fast messaging back and forth at the subatomic level, but rather, because separation does not exist. For Bohm, even a rock has its unique form of aliveness, because the Life force is dynamically flowing through the fabric of the entire universe.

    The eminent physicist John Wheeler expressed the unity of the universe in this way. As stunning as it seems, nonlocality means that we each participate in the totality of the universe. A second key property of living systems is that energy flows through them.