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Hi-Res Cover. A nostalgic nurse's memoir in the bestselling vein of Call the Midwife and Nurse on Call. Evelyn Prentis. Matron at Last.

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Employers may view your personality and life experiences as more important than qualifications. Fern Britton returns to Stoke Mandeville Hospital to retrace the dramatic story of how the NHS saved her life after she was diagnosed with sepsis. In whilst recovering at home from surgery, Fern was suddenly rushed into hospital and diagnosed with E coli and sepsis. She was immediately brought into emergency surgery that ultimately saved her life.

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It is estimated that around , people a year in the UK get sepsis, and of those, up to 60, die. Many of these cases are avoidable, but sepsis is notoriously difficult to diagnose. It was only through the quick-thinking actions of the NHS staff, and the rapid diagnosis of her blood samples, that Fern survived. She returns to the hospital to meet the surgeon who operated on her and the consultant who diagnosed her, to say thank you and find out more about the condition that nearly killed her. When Fern came in, her samples were sent to the pathology lab for analysis. Fern visits one of the NHS's busiest pathology labs, which processes 70, samples a day, to find out how it works and what has changed over the years.

The NHS has been waging a war against infectious disease since it started 70 years ago, but sophisticated medicine and vaccinations aren't the only weapons being used. There's also a far simpler and cheaper form of preventing the pathogens from spreading.

Fern finds out how the NHS is fighting the war against superbugs though cleaning and gets a crash course from head nurse Shona Perkins on how they keep the hospital clean. We will generally instruct you to ship the damaged product back to the retailer.

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