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IX, n. Helpfully descriptive. XIII, n.

Oedipus Rex Is A Greek Tragedy Written By Sophocles | Bartleby

XV, n. Survey of three non-English, non-Greek language versions of Greek originals - two of the Bacchae , one of the Oresteia. Vol XV, n. Computerizing the critics and what it tells us about their methods. A lively and well illustrated bi-annual journal produced by the Joint Association of Classical Teachers for senior school students and undergraduates.

Women in Ancient Greek Drama including Roles, Influences, Audiences, and Questions and Answers

DB no. The purpose of the Archive is both to serve as a repository of physical materials relating to the stage history of the works in performance, such as playbills, programmes, reviews, drawings, photographs and audio-visual recordings, and also to compile a comprehensive production history of ancient drama on the modern stage in the form of a fully searchable relational database. A review of Sophocles' Antigone dir.

Andrzej Wajda, performed at the Stary Theatre, Krakow. The Casebook, based on interviews taped by Elinor Fuchs, includes comments from all involved in Robert Hyde Wilson's production. Includes an excerpt Scene 2 , and cast list.

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The archive is searchable by keywords. Monthly publication. Founded ; published until by Hansom Books, and included playtexts of new and unpublished plays. Closed briefly in and reopened in October under Brevet Publishing Ltd, and later transferred to Plusloop Ltd. Both versions include reviews, listings, and short articles. The earlier sequence was the more academic and carried articles and reviews by, e.

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Young and John Russell Taylor, as well as numerous excellent photographs, and cast lists. The post publication has fewer illustrations, and seems pitched at a less academic audience. It provides reviews, interviews, listings of current productions and biographical materials. For reviews of productions, check issues of the month after the opening. It was published by Methuen in the autumn of Full cast list. Oedipus Now developed from workshop improvisations at the Hampstead Theatre Club and from a production for the Contemporary Greek Theatre in Athens.

February , , playtext of Hippolytus Part II. September , 'Behind the Fringe'. Brief "Behind the Fringe" item and interview with Timberlake Wertenbaker when she was working with the theatre company, Shared Experience, as resident writer.

  1. Sharon. I Love You. (I Love You 2);
  2. The Pain Of My Happiness.
  3. Hippolytus.
  4. The Function of Chorus in Greek Drama?
  5. A very rough guide: some irritating howlers Oedipus credited with giving birth to four children, for example , and an over-popularising tone. Reviews, listings, interviews and playtexts. An interview with Peter Shaffer. The second part of an interview begun in the December issue. In this part, Shaffer talks about The Gift of the Gorgon , reviewed in, e. This reader RMH found it a rather unsavoury piece over-simplistic use of masturbation as an image of self-absorption in response to rejection , but it may work better in performance. Chatty style, but occasional useful insights into planning and production at the RSC.

    Gives a general rationale, but mostly about the Cornish workshops, with Nick Darke and Michael Shepherd leading. Issue 12, Autumn , , J. Ten small coloured photos, which give a good indication of the overall design of the production. The Review Books are not published, but are available for consultation by arrangement with the Shakespeare Centre Library, Stratford-upon-Avon.

    These collections of reviews bring together critiques of RSC productions from national and regional newspapers and journals. Search by year and months of opening in Stratford or London. For example:. Mourning Becomes Electra ; discussion of the facial expression as mask. Vol 37, n. Schechner gives a very full and enthusiastic review of this work, recommending it for inclusion in courses on cross-cultural performance theories and comparative theatre.

    Excerpt of the text of Arrowsmith's translation pp Richard Beacham attempts to answer the question 'Do we need Greek drama? See DB no. Discussion of Marionettes in modern productions of Greek tragedy. Includes a photograph of the Chorus.

    Interesting, not for any obvious ancient Greek connections, but because it discusses the problems of cultural importation: taking a year-old Sanskrit epic text from its traditional setting and developing it through various cultural contexts. Worth comparing with, e. It has U. It also has one-off articles on theatre in the U. Informative detail; sadly, no pictures. Vol 50, , Ronald W. As its title suggests, this magazine is predominantly concerned with the technical and practical aspects of stage and screen production and has valuable photographic evidence of design.

    This publication was renamed Entertainment Design in January Design and production of the opera Iphigenie en Tauride. Priestess Iphigenia seven foot tall with shaved head; description of other costumes; side flats decorated with capillaries in red and blue-green; Surrealism in Act Three.

    Information about set design by Peter J. Davidson; colour theme; mechanical working of set; costumes; construction of steel walls. Two colour photos. Contents listing searchable at Theatre Forum Homepage. XL, n. XLI, , , M. Foley reviews Kenneth Cavander's Agamemnon and his daughters.

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    He looks at documents, texts, anecdotes and visual evidence. A good deal of information about setting and performance of Les Atrides. The establishment of Ancient Greek culture that has left the most immutable impression on our current world is the myth Powerful Essays words 6. It has been utilized during the many downfalls of civilizations as a means of communication and was truly shaped by the Greeks.

    The origins of theatre can be traced back to the Greeks as a religious ritual to their gods, to their implementations of the technical aspects of theatre, through their plays and also through the actual stages that they constructed The ancient Greek culture was a technologically advanced civilization who laid the foundation for many of our modern day cultural traditions. One tradition that is still very prominent in our culture is theatre.

    Medea was married to the famous Greek hero, Jason, whom she left her homeland to live with. After bearing two children, Jason betrayed his vows to Medea, and married the princess of Corinth. In her grief, Medea plots to torture Jason and cause him as much pain as possible, even killing her own children to hurt him.

    The events that take place before the play serve to establish Medea as a heroine and victim. Medea is a hero when she kills her evil family to escape to Greece with Jason Strong Essays words 2 pages Preview. He lived through the Great Depression and both World Wars. A self-proclaimed modern tragedian, Miller says he looks to the Greeks for inspiration, especially Sophocles the author of Oedipus the King. All my Sons is a great example of how Miller uses the six elements described by Aristotle to create modern American tragedies that reflect ancient Greek tragedies like Oedipus the King and Antigone In that time, historical landmarks such as the Theatre of Dionysos, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, and the Acropolis have been built.

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    It is the origin of democracy, the Olympic Games, drama, and Western civilization. The country is surrounded in mythology and legends, from Greek gods fighting over villages for power to towns rising out of the sunken, ancient city of Atlantis. Good Essays words 1. The rebirth of theater began at this time within the Church as a way to supplement the mass with religious based performances.